Who really benefits from the Hybrid Technology Program?

So here we are one week away from the end of the Hybrid Technology program. I came in with a goal to get my A+ for two reasons.

  1. Because I finally realized with all of my experience, it is the perfect compliment and says I do know what I am doing.
  2. Because regardless of who has seen my resume, regardless of how many people have said I have all the experience needed for the position, they all have said “Well, if you had you A+ it would look better”.

Well that goal has been accomplished and to date, I am still not employed. The one in the class with the most years of experience…unemployed? Still? I have watched classmates quit their jobs for this program, put their health on the line, and give up all forms of life to study (some cases OVER STUDY) for the promise of a certification so you can get that job making big money.
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It’s rare to really care today

It’s been a minute since I have actually taken time to post and #Realtalk if I had to look at what I have to do today…I really don’t need to be doing this BUT, I got so much on my mind that I need to purge the thoughts so I can actually put this energy on the task I have to address.

Distraction? Naw they are more like frustrations and in order to dissolve them, I have to address them so…I know in this day and age they say folks are watching and listening to what you do on the internet but, I am SO NOT AFRAID of that. I would rather you know instead of ASSUMING you know. You know what they say about when you ASSUME right? And it seems to me many of us would rather wear the DONKEY TAIL instead of getting the right information directly from the source. Well here is that information by subject…..
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What I think….

So I catch a little flack for my personal opinion and thoughts on black woman after watching 50 Shades Of Grey. And what trips me out is this…I was just being as honest from the perspective of the way I saw it as a guy watching a movie. Almost every movie I have ever seen imitates life on one level or another. And let’s not forget the fact that it’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH. So what does one have to do with the other? I’ll share…
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50 Shades of SCARED…not Grey!!!



So here it is a 3 (and possibly 4) day weekend so I thought I would take advantage of it by letting the dog loose. Today’s topic…”50 Shades of Scared…not Grey“. And yes I am going FULL ON & IN on this subject. Hell my sex life or potential for sex damn near doesn’t exist and I know it ain’t me so what do I have to lose? NOTHING!!!!

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How I got here….

This is a powerful quote from the Last Samurai:

“We are all seeking meaning to our lives. That can only be found through the cultivation of the gifts The Creator has put within. This is where peace of mind and contentment of heart can be found; heaven. Thus, the Kingdom Of Heaven is within”¬†(Lk 17:21)

I have often heard it said “If you forget where you came from, you will not know where you are going” and in all honesty every day of my life has been a reminder of how true this statement is. That is why I chose to NEVER forget HOW I GOT HERE.
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